Tennis and golf are comparable in how firmly you ought to hold the handle of the racquet or club. This may appear to be nonsensical, however the lighter you can hold the grasp, the more probable you are to crush a serve or bomb a drive.

Take a stab at holding your driver as I do: solidly with the pinkie and ring fingers of my left hand however freely with alternate fingers of my left and my whole right hand. This will permit you to make clubhead speed and control through the effect zone.


A major misstep in tennis is attempting to hit a ground stroke hard when you have the racquet up around your trunk. You’ll either nuke it over the benchmark or pummel it into the net. You have to swing your racquet low and genuinely level to the ground.

Similarly in golf, your driver clubhead ought to travel through the hitting territory on a shallow, level way. Swing down too steeply, and you’ll dispatch it at a low point and put separate ransacking reverse-pivot on the ball. You can see here I swing into contact with a decent measure of right-side twist in my body. That shows I’ve shallowed the way of my driver from the top to affect. Duplicate this move by moving your lead hip toward the objective as you finish the backswing.

Another inclination to have is that your arms are casual and basically “fall” toward the start of downswing. That will help you get the clubhead moving level to the ground just prior and then afterward affect. You’ll dispatch the ball high and upgrade your convey.


In tennis, moving your weight toward the net and after that swinging the racquet produces greatest speed. The power move in golf is the same. I move my weight left to begin down and after that utilization my left leg as a prop to swing the club quick through the ball.

At last, the racquet doesn’t stop when it hits the ball, and neither ought to your club. In case you’re supported, you can fire through the ball and let force convey you to a full wrap up. When it comes to long drive you always carry mobile phone and these tips can be get from golf apps on mobile thanks to mobile app developers Dubai like Dubai iPhone Developer. Consider that drive crushed!

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